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Kali Doyle is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner from Illinois. ​
At nine-years-old, she knew she wanted to go into pediatric medicine. She spent her
childhood staying active in sports and her community. In 2013, her two passions came
together as she was able to study nursing while playing Division 1 softball. Kali graduated
with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2017 from Northern Illinois University. She
spent the next five years as a nurse in the neonatal ICU with three of those years
dedicated to travel nursing, where she helped provide care for infants in NICUs all over
the country. Motivated to further her education in pediatrics, in 2021 she graduated
from Maryville University with her Master of Science in Nursing in pediatric primary
care. During her graduate rotations, Kali discovered her love of holistic natural medicine
and enjoys learning more about it every chance she gets!

As a pediatric nurse practitioner, Kali absolutely loves the role she plays. She is beyond
passionate not only about guiding families but supporting them in their decision making
about their children’s wellness. Her belief is that each child is unique, deserving
personalized care. She recognizes that you know your child best and bases her practice
on partnering with you to provide quality care to every child. Being passionate about
preventative medicine, her goal is to empower each patient and family in learning how
to optimize their overall health. Kali values being a part of each child’s health journey
and aims to keep our kids healthy and thriving!

In her free time, Kali enjoys being in the great outdoors including anything from running
and hiking to skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, climbing, and camping. You can
also find her in the kitchen often, as she loves nutrition and is always finding a new
recipe to whip together. Her other hobbies include sketching, lifting, reading, staying
active in her church community, and playing fetch with her energetic lab, Cooper!