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Acute Appointments

Mt. Spokane Pediatrics makes it a goal to see your child the same day that they are sick. We leave openings in our daily schedule for acute appointments so that patients may be seen and evaluated for an illness by one of our pediatric providers, who are familiar with their health history. Additionally, our Saturday urgent care provides weekend availability if an illness can’t wait until Monday!

Whether it is a common cold or the flu, we are here for you. In additional to illnesses, our office may be able to remove foreign objects from the nose or ears, evaluate a potential fracture, or suture a laceration. If you are uncertain about whether your child should be seen at our office or whether they need higher acuity of care, you can call our office at 509-270-0065.

If your child is facing a medical emergency, we highly recommend the Children’s Emergency Department at Sacred Heart Medical Center. Their staff is specifically trained to work with and treat pediatric patients and they are well-equipped to help your child, both medically as well as emotionally during a potentially frightening experience.

For same day appointments, please call 509-270-0065.