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Breastfeeding Support

Mt. Spokane Pediatrics partners with families to provide lactation support for all stages of the breastfeeding journey! Our providers and international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC’s) are available to work with families who have questions, whether they are a first time mother or an experienced parent facing new challenges. We are also here to help families who are supplementing, introducing solids, or looking for guidance with a tongue or lip tie.

Why Should I Schedule an Appointment?

We encourage all breastfeeding families to consider an appointment during the first weeks of baby’s life as breastfeeding is established in order to help the mother/baby duo develop a positive foundation for their breastfeeding journey. Even if there are no significant problems, it can be helpful to assess baby’s latch, discuss nursing positions, and answer minor questions or concerns. But we particularly recommend a lactation appointment if there are concerns such as a painful latch or baby struggling to latch, gulping air, excessive spitting up, slow weight gain, or a tongue tie. If you have any concerns with your baby, let your provider or the office know.

What to Expect

Initial appointments with a lactation consultant may be scheduled at the same time as a newborn visit if desired, or the provider may refer to lactation if there are problems or questions discussed at their visit. You can also call and schedule an appointment on your own at any point if you have a breastfeeding issue you would like to address. Our lactation consultants spend about 90 minutes with mother and baby for an initial evaluation and 60 minutes for follow-up appointments thereafter. They will discuss various aspects of breastfeeding with you, observe baby’s latch and nursing habits, and may complete a pre- and post-nursing weight check. Our lactation rooms have a comfortable rocker recliner for nursing as well as breastfeeding pillows as needed. You are welcome to bring a support person such as a spouse, partner, or relative to your appointment.

Lip or Tongue Tie Revision

Our office is equipped to perform a frenotomy (lip or tongue tie revision) for your baby if medically indicated. Our providers ask patients to see a lactation consultant first to discuss breastfeeding challenges before considering the procedure. If the procedure is needed, it can be performed quickly in office with local anesthetic. We will provide you with after-care instructions (see the aftercare link in the Resources section below for details). We encourage families to follow-up with a lactation consultant afterwards.

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