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Jacqueline, a native of a small farming town near Spokane, embarked on her educational journey at the University of Washington. Her passion for healthcare led her to become a dedicated medical assistant in 2011. With a wealth of experience and unwavering commitment, Jacqueline thrives in her role at our practice.

As she delved into the pediatric field, Jacqueline’s love for working with children blossomed. Her dedication to providing top-notch healthcare shines through in every patient interaction. Not only does she tend to patients, but she also coaches and leads her fellow medical assistants, ensuring consistent quality care across the entire team.

At Mt. Spokane Pediatrics, Jacqueline wears many hats, skillfully managing the clinic’s back office operations. Her colleagues rely on her expertise for guidance and education, enabling them to perform their jobs effectively. Beyond her professional life, Jacqueline discovered a new passion after becoming a mother: carseat safety education. Her drive and tenacity led her to become a certified carseat technician, spreading awareness about properly securing children for safe transportation. She stays up-to-date on carseat updates, continuing education, and recalls, ensuring families receive the best guidance. If you need a carseat inspection, don’t hesitate to reach out—Jacqueline would be delighted to provide the education you need for safe child transportation.

Outside of work, she and her husband have built a life on the outskirts of Spokane, nestled in a charming country town. Jacqueline spends her free time with friends and family, instilling in her son the same love and passion for the great outdoors that she holds dear. She’s committed to giving her son diverse experiences, including trying out new sports. Whether it’s reading a great book, exploring nature or cheering on her little one, Jacqueline embraces life beyond the clinic walls.