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Yendi Labelle joined Mt. Spokane Pediatrics in February of 2023! Before coming to Mt. Spokane, Yendi spent two years working in a psychiatric residential facility as the director of nursing and as the primary care provider for adolescents and young adults. She loved working with this population and saw many complex cases, but missed being able to provide preventative care to young ones and their families and saught out Mt. Spokane Pediatrics.

Prior to being a nurse practitioner, Yendi worked as a school nurse in the Bay Area. She received her Master of Science in Nursing from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA. She has a Bachelor degree in Child Psychology from the University of Southern Maine, in the beautiful state she grew up in. Yendi has bilingual Spanish-speaking skills as she is half- Honduran. Her name is French, though, pronounced “Jen-dee” and is her mom’s favorite perfume.

Yendi grew up being a competitive dancer, swimmer, lifeguard, and true- crime enthusiast. She still loves doing all these activities, but in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her significant other hiking, biking, weight lifting, traveling, watching hockey and playing with their pup, Pondo.

As a young child, Yendi fractured her growth plate in her knee and had to go through a few different procedures at Boston Children’s Hospital; she may have been one of the few kids who enjoyed being at the hospital and felt safe there. Since then, ​she has become passionate about medicine and helping young children and adolescents to feel safe and heard within healthcare.