Jennifer McIntosh, IBCLC, RLC,  is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Her passion for breastfeeding support began when seeking assistance with her own newborns. This search brought her to a La Leche League meeting in 2003. There she found wonderful mother-to-mother support that helped her parent through those difficult early days and toddler years. In order to maintain this support in the community, Jennifer became a La Leche League Leader in 2009.

This passion to support breastfeeding moms continued. As her children became more independent, she saw an opportunity to further her education in the field of lactation. After completing the required courses, Jennifer passed the exam to become a Board Certified Lactation Consultant in October 2015. Her desire is to nurture and serve parents in our community by helping them reach their breastfeeding goals.

Jennifer and her husband of 18 years now have six children, all girls. North Idaho is their home where they care for their horses, dogs and chickens. When not doing chores, they all enjoy horseback riding, geocaching and visiting the nearest hot springs.

One of Jennifer’s goals as a Lactation Consultant and parent of future women, is to normalize breastfeeding for future generations. If her children and yours find it easier to choose breastfeeding, then she has made an impact.