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Bree Pawley was born in California and raised in Wasilla, Alaska. She moved to the Inland NW in 2006 where she made Spokane her home. When not working, Bree is spending time with her little ones. Bree enjoys watching her children’s sporting events and traveling outside the US. Growing up, she was able to see a lot of the US. When she had children, she wanted to make sure her kids got to see other parts of the world just like she did. 

Bree joined Mt. Spokane Pediatrics in July of 2022. With over 12 years of administration experience, she enjoys the challenges and rewards that come with working in a pediatric clinic. Bree has a huge heart for children and as a mom of three herself, she understands and prioritizes the needs of our patients first. Patient care is the first thing Bree instills with any of our new hires.  Bree says, “Our first impression is made at our front desk. If we do not show the parents we value them, we are not doing our job. Nothing is more important than our patients.”  Before arriving at Mt. Spokane Pediatrics, Bree worked at Kaiser Permananete’s corporate office. Working there, Bree gained administration expertise that is crucial to the success of our clinic. Her training, experience and dedication are proven to work, making the necessary changes to our clinic. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and ideas, always putting people first. 

You can find Bree helping wherever is needed, whenever. She is constantly working with other leadership members to create a work setting that is both enjoyable and successful. She has worked on the front lines and knows how difficult certain tasks may be. Her goal for our staff is to create a place where our staff love what they do and who they help. She takes pride in her work at Mt. Spokane Pediatrics and is dedicated to making sure your children are provided with the best care and experience, every time.